Customer Voices

Hunter Hudgens

I was struggling to track the journey from lead to customer for my website. I realized Google Analytics was not going to provide what I needed, so I began to look for other options and found SegMetrics. As it turns out, SegMetrics was exactly what I (didn’t know) I needed. It solved all of my analytics troubles and then some.

The setup was easy, pricing was affordable, and any questions I had were answered quickly by Keith, the founder, which is not too common in today’s markets.

I can now accurately track the ROI of my paid lead generation. SegMetrics provides an easy way to understand your customer journey and portray it to your bosses/clients. No coding is needed. I also like the fact that you can connect your email/CRM platform so your data is automatically merged every day.

I definitely recommend Segmetrics to others. It is the simplest and most effective way I know to track the ROI of your marketing funnels.

Hunter Hudgens, Automate My Biz