Customer Voices

Jason Gracia

I needed to get accurate attribution for my Facebook ads, so I decided to try SegMetrics.  I was ready to quit because I was only using Facebook tracking, and their numbers were not matching up to reality.

I decided to go with SegMetrics because Hyros and Wicked Reports were SO expensive. Then I had a great call with Scott when I onboarded with Segmetrics. Then Ian from support blew me away with his willingness to help with whatever I needed. It was incredible.

I LOVE Segmetrics. The attribution is spot on. The way I can visually see what is working, and what isn’t is amazing. The funnels, the charts, the money tied directly to ads.

I love that you can track from ad click to sale. Aside from attribution, the greatest benefits I have found are building out dashboards that show me what’s actually happening in my business. For instance, I assumed a particular funnel was performing well. When I saw the dashboard Scott put together for me, it was a game changer. I switched my funnel, switched my ads, and my ROAS shot up 400%.

I strongly recommend SegMetrics to others. It is absolutely amazing product with countless uses. They have an incredible team of experts. And support like you wouldn’t believe. Thorough. Fast. Experienced.

My business is going to grow ten times faster with the tools and insights SegMetrics delivers. I wish I would have used them from day one, but now that I’m a client, I’m a client for life.