Uncover Your Clients’ Hidden Profits

With Keith Perhac

May 25th
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Keith is a marketing automation consultant who has worked with clients building and improving multiple 7 and 8-figure marketing systems. After becoming frustrated with how impossibly hard it is to get trustworthy, complete and actionable marketing data from existing tools, in 2015 he created SegMetrics to finally understand how to measure and improve his clients' marketing funnels.

Join us for this presentation, and you'll discover:

Get ready to walk away with the tools and knowledge you need to uncover your client’s hidden profits and track your marketing efforts from the first touch through the final attribution.

Keith perhac, founder of SegMetrics, will show you exactly how to identify the TouchPoints and Segments that are important to your business, then how to determine with real numbers, which cohorts are the most profitable and how to get more of them.

The webinar will take place on May 25th at 11am PT / 2pm EST. Reserve up to 60 minutes for content and Q&A, be ready to take notes and come away with massive value!

And so much more, in this LIVE 60-minute presentation!

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