How to Improve Your Lead Value and Acquisition Costs

Even if you have no idea where your leads come from

Apr 16th
Presented by

Keith Perhac - Founder, SegMetrics

Keith is a marketing automation consultant who has worked with clients building and improving multiple 7 and 8-figure marketing systems. After becoming frustrated with how impossibly hard it is to get trustworthy, complete and actionable marketing data from existing tools, in 2015 he created SegMetrics to finally understand how to measure and improve his clients' marketing funnels.

Join us for this presentation, and you'll discover:

  • How to turn visitors into Leads and turn leads into Customers with two simple core metrics
  • I’ll share with you an easy way to think about outlining and creating your marketing funnels so you can get it done fast, and right
  • Understand the difference between actionable KPIs and “Feel Good” numbers that don’t improve your marketing
  • Understand how to analyze your funnel at a glance and immediately focus on the touchpoints that improve your sales
  • How to get over the number-one hurdle that marketers struggle with when optimizing their funnel
  • The 6 ways that your ad reporting is lying to you

And so much more, in this LIVE 60-minute presentation

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