Easier Setup With our WordPress Plugin

Vanessa Copley
Marketing Manager

SegMetrics is easy to integrate with any website, and for WordPress users, getting the SegMetrics tracking code on your website got even easier.

With our WordPress plugin, you can add the SegMetrics tracking snippet to all the pages on your site.

And best of all, it automatically updates itself with any changes you make in the SegMetrics dashboard.

To get started, just install the plugin, add your API key and choose an account.

SegMetrics, getting easier every day.

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Vanessa Copley

Marketing Manager

Vanessa Copley is a business automation specialist and the founder of Custom Client Journey. She specializes in client journey management and bringing the human touch to your automated experience. In her free time, she enjoys reading science fiction and horror novels, studying real estate, practicing Tang Soo Do and spending time with her amazing children, the love of her life, and their birds and guinea pigs.

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