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Wicked Reports
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How does SegMetrics
Compare to Wicked Reports?


SegMetrics gives you an independent source of attribution data, which includes LTV from subscriptions and repeat purchases.

Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports ties your LTV attribution back to top of funnel, helping you find which channels and campaigns bought in revenue.

Conversion Feeder

SegMetrics will automatically send feed conversion data back to Facebook and Google’s AIs so that they can optimize the audience targeting.

Offline Conversions

Wicked Reports integrations sends through conversion data to teach the ad platforms about sales outside their attribution windows.

Full Funnel Optimization

SegMetrics helps you analyze your bottom and middle of funnel through the contact tags in your email platform.

Top of Funnel Focused

Wicked Reports is focuses on optimizing traffic sources, without middle-of-funnel tag tracking once you have attracted a lead.

Webinar Attendance

Measure the revenue from your webinar and analyze how it performed with different groups of leads, as well as how long contacts attended webinars, or any data in your email marketing platform.

Web-based Webinar Tracking

Attendance for webinar tracking is based on browser events, instead of native platform integrations.

A/B Test Nurture Strategies

With SegMetrics you can split test your email nurture sequences to see how they affect revenue

Web-Only Mid-Funnel Analysis

The lack of tag filtering means that you are unable to test mid-funnel strategies

Unlimited Custom Reporting

Get insight into every aspect of your business with access the ability to build in-depth custom reports on any aspect of your customers. Slice and dice your data however your business needs dictate.

Data-Specific Reports

Work with pre-built, targeted reporting with that answers common marketing questions.

Relies on Your Marketing Data

SegMetrics gives you 100% accurate data — otherwise what's the point? Our revenue and funnel tracking systems rely on your existing data in your marketing platforms, and a reliable JavaScript/Image hybrid solution to track page views and links.

Relies on JavaScript Attribution

Ever suspected the numbers in Google Analytics or VWO didn't match your actual lead generation numbers? We all have. That's because most analytic platforms rely on tracking page views with JavaScript. Ad blockers, older browsers, and disabling Javascript will all make users invisible.

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Real-Time Cohort Filters

Report on Specific Cohorts

Configure a Custom Segment based on the Tags people have (or don’t have), Campaign, Lead Source, Referring URL and Products. Now you’ll get critical metrics -- New Leads, Revenue, Lead Value and more -- for just the people in the Segment you’ve created.

It’s never been easier to get valuable metrics for specific segments of your leads! See who clicks an email link or opt in for a specific offer – and how those actions lead to revenue.

Custom Dashboards

Quickly Identify Trends to See How Your Business is Growing

The metrics that drive your business are not static. With Rolling Reports, instantly get advanced reporting on how your Facebook ads did this week, or the month-over-month growth of your evergreen marketing funnels.

Keep your pulse on the leads and campaigns that make your business money.

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Find your most profitable lead sources, scale what works and kill what doesn’t.

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Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are