Guidance Features

Everyone’s a data whiz with SegMetrics

If you’ve ever felt lost in the numbers, SegMetrics has your back. With advanced features like AI Insights, VIP Support, and Strategic Services, you’ll have everything you need to dive deep into your data. 

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AI Insights

Unlock The Genius Behind Your Numbers

SegMetrics’ AI Insights is a powerful business intelligence tool, ready to demystify your marketing data and lead you straight to smarter decisions.

VIP Support

support so you
never feel lost

We know adopting a new tool can feel overwhelming. That’s why we have a range of courses and calls to get you finding insights in no time.

Plus, enjoy a pair of complimentary onboarding calls to help you get the most out of SegMetrics: the Data Setup Call and The Training Call. 

“Ian is amazing! After a one-hour call, he helped make sense of an entire mess of our funnel tracking, showed me some awesome tricks to use SegMetrics, and is helping us fix everything that an agency broke! Ian is an absolute pleasure to work with and a gem of a human pro to have on your team! Thank you again for being awesome and for all the stellar support. I’m stoked to get SegMetrics firing on all cylinders to help optimize and scale us up.”

Caleb Jennings — Funded Profits Trading Academy LLC

Marketing Changelog

Record all your marketing activities with our Changelog

Do you ever look back at your marketing data and rack your brain trying to remember what caused a spike? See what caused every blip and wiggle in your marketing results with the SegMetrics Marketing Changelog.

Strategic Services

Work with one of our dedicated marketing experts​

To save you time, we offer a range of done-for-you setup services to help you get started with SegMetrics. Whether you want to use SegMetrics for yourself or your clients, you’ll love working with our marketing optimization experts.

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