Team Dashboards

Stay Focused on the KPIs That Matter Most

It’s a fact that the more visible metrics are, the more they improve. SegMetrics’ dashboard and team features keep your core KPIs at top of mind, and alert you if things start to slip.

Team and Collaboration Features

Custom, Easily Shared Dashboards

Build, Customize, and Share — Perfect for in-house metric boards to keep the team up to date.

Email Reports on Your KPIs

Stop being the bottleneck of your company’s reporting. Set reports to send automatically to anyone on your team.

Identify Trends and LTV

Don’t leave your business rudderless. Identify sales and marketing trends before they become a problem.

Team Access at No Extra Cost

Sharing is caring! Invite the entire team, including contractors, at no extra cost.

Team and Collaboration Features

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Custom Dashboards

Create Sharable Client and Team Dashboards

Whether you need to keep a close eye on MRR, quickly get the Lead Value of all your sources, or any other metric you can think of – SegMetrics fits your reporting needs like a glove. Build custom dashboards for you, your team, or your client with just a few clicks.

Automatic Email Updates

Automated Email Reports On How Your Segments Are Performing

Best of all, Custom Segments are delivered to you in your standard SegMetrics Email Report. Save a Segment, then automatically get reporting on the key metrics for that Segment – New Leads, Revenue, Lead Value, Conversion Rate – the works — all delivered to your inbox.

Better Together...

Upgrade Your Team Dashboards With SegMetrics’ Reporting

Our Team Dashboards make it easy to highlight and share the KPIs the matter most. Upgrade your dashboards with our best-in-show top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel tracking and reporting.

Advertising Reporting

Attribute every dollar of life time value back to your ad campaigns. SegMetrics shows you the ad spend and ROI across all of your platforms.

Middle-of-Funnel Engagement

Track every aspect of your marketing funnels funnels and understand how they impact the likelihood of a lead becoming a customer.

Sales and Conversion Reporting

SegMetrics shows you where every dollar in your bank account came from, down to the individual contact. 

Team Members

Bring the Whole Team In At No Extra Cost

With SegMetrics, you’re not restricted to a single shared account. Invite as many team members as you want to access and share reports and dashboards, each with their own separate logins — the more the merrier.

Export To PDF or CSV

Your Data.
In Your Control.

 We don’t lock you in. All SegMetrics reports are exportable to PDF or CSV. No need to scramble putting together a client-facing report – just export the relevant metrics to a PDF with the click of a button. Need to use Excel for some extra data analysis? Opt for a CSV file.

Sharable Dashboards

Embed Your Dashboards Anywhere

Easily give clients and collaborators access to your dashboards. No need to manually extract numbers, put together separate reports, or jump through any other hoops – just hit the “share” button, copy the relevant URL, and send your dashboard where it needs to go (where it will continue to be updated in real time).

Rolling Reports

Quickly Identify Trends & See How Your Business is Growing

The metrics that drive your business are not static. With Rolling Reports, instantly get advanced reporting on how your Facebook ads did this week, or the month-over-month growth of your evergreen marketing funnels.

Any report in SegMetrics can report on set timeframes or on a rolling time frame. Whether you need to drill down into past trends, stay aware of current ones, or do a comparison, your dashboard is flexible enough to accommodate it all.

Snapshot Reports

Compare & Contrast With Ultimate LTV Tracking

Dive into your campaigns weeks, months or years later and find how your customers generate more revenue. Want to know how your latest launch compares to your previous launch? How about how much those leads are worth a year later?

 Create a Custom Segment based on when leads first entered your account and monitor their growth over years to see how their Lifetime Value changes over time.

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