5 Ways to Maximize the Returns On Your FB Ads Campaigns

How to Make The Most Out Of Your Advertising Spend

One: Targeting

How you do your targeting will be a function of how well trained your Facebook Pixel is and how big your budget is.

If you’re just starting out or you don’t have many sales conversions logged on your Facebook Pixel, then running campaigns with very broad targeting will probably not bring ROI positive results.

In these cases, it’s better to be very specific in your targeting so that only people that are interested will see your ads.

To figure out who to target, you’ll need to understand who your ideal customer is and build up your Facebook Interest list accordingly. You can sort the list by how relevant the interest is and how large the audience size is.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of conversions logged, then Facebook’s algorithm probably has a better idea of who your customer is. It’s worth experimenting with very broad audiences and different lookalike audiences based on various activities like purchase, checkout, watched webinar and so on.

Two: Ads

Always be testing. You should always have at least more than 1 thing that’s being tested. That means making sure that each Ad Group has multiple ads. If the budget is small, keep it at 2 or 3.

Test different media forms like images and videos so that you can see what media forms work better.

Knowing who your ideal customer is will allow you to come up with experiments to run and to ensure that you’re speaking directly to your audience.

Your Facebook Ads should standout. Look to create ads that are different. Look for your images to pop. For videos triggers curiosity. This prevents your ad from getting lost in a sea of Facebook posts and ads.

Three: Conversion Goal

It generally makes sense to always optimize your ads for a purchase event.

But what if you have a high ticket ($10k+) product and a long sales cycle?

Then it becomes a bit trickier. If you optimize for landing page views, then you might attract a bunch of clickers who never intend on buying your product.

If you optimize for leads, then you might attract free loaders whose only intent is to download lots of PDFs.

If you optimize for purchases, and no sales transactions will take place for at least 6 months and then you only have 100 or so purchases per year, that doesn’t really give Facebook enough data to go on. You’ll ideally have at least 50 relevant events per week for Facebook to optimize effectively.

It’ll be up to you to strike a balance to set a conversion goal that’s relevant enough but also where you’ll likely get enough conversions to train your pixel.

You don’t need to necessarily restrict yourself to the products you currently have available. You can create a low ticket product or a 1 hour consultation to hit that sweet spot.

Four: Retargeting

Most of your customers will not purchase on the first visit. A lot of marketers will keep pushing them back to the purchase page to try and get them to buy immediately.

A better strategy is start to building a relationship with them. Once your prospect is ready to buy, they’ll keep you top of mind.

Instead of trying to sell to your prospects, offer them value through your retargeting funnel. Give them content that they find valuable. This can be PDFs, videos, how to tutorials, checklists.

Five: Lifetime Customer Value

Not all customers are created equal. Dive into your lead magnets and ads, and investigate which Facebook Ad brought in the highest ROI not only on the front end, but in total which includes the back end too.

Some ads might generate very cheap leads or lots of trials but they rarely convert into actual buyers. Or maybe you get lots of first time buyers at break even on your Facebook Campaigns but then they don’t come back. Your other Facebook Ads have very low conversion numbers on the front end but then they keep coming back over and over again to buy more. These are customers that have high lifetime customer value and it’s worth spending extra money on the front end to acquire them.

Once you have insight on what the lifetime customer value your ads are bringing in, you can crank up the relevant ads and outspend your competitors. 

How Dr. Axe Found An Additional $263,794 in Additional Revenue with Segmetrics

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