Connect the Marketing Tools You Already Use with Our New Segment Integration

Keith Perhac
Founder @ SegMetrics

We are excited to announce that SegMetrics is now integrated with Segment. This allows you to bring your existing visitor and app data from your current technology stack straight into SegMetrics, with just a few clicks.

Read on to find out more about this integration, or check out our documentation.

By setting up SegMetrics as a Segment destination, you can send data from any one of your Javascript Source integrations into Segmetrics.

What Is Segment?

Segment is a data aggregation platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data from hundreds of tools with little to no coding. It allows you to skip integrating each of your marketing tools individually, so you install the tracking once, and then use Segment to forward data into other tools like SegMetrics.

Just like SegMetrics, Segment makes it easy to get your data where you want it. Our integration takes care of the analytics installation process for you, so you can spend more time using your data and less time tracking it down.

How does SegMetrics work with Segment?

Instead of configuring and installing the SegMetrics snippet on your site, you can start sending your data from Segment in a few clicks by setting SegMetrics as a JavaScript Destination. This will allow you to not only track your on-page web interactions, but also app usage, or anywhere Segment is installed.

Data is sent from Segment as View and Identify events, allowing you to track which screens and pages people viewed, as well as the standard UTM and ad tracking.

You can view your lead activity, segment cohorts based on data from Segment and identify users over multiple devices. Learn more in our documentation.

Getting Started

Three simple steps is all it takes to get started:

  1. Add SegMetrics as a destination in your Segment account by choosing it from the Integrations Catalog.
  2. Add your Account Id and API Key to Segment (found in your SegMetrics settings).
  3. Enable the destination

That’s all you need to get your analytics data from Segment flowing into SegMetrics!

Keith Perhac

Founder @ SegMetrics

Keith is the Founder of SegMetrics, and has spent the last decade working on optimizing marketing funnels and nurture campaigns.

SegMetrics was born out of a frustration with how impossibly hard it is to pull trustworthy, complete and actionable data out of his client's marketing tools.

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