SegMetrics Channel Categorization

Rylee Mathis
Marketer @ SegMetrics

Users can now make a top-level comparison of how sources are performing, with automatic channel categorization.

You might be used to seeing this in Google Analytics. Instead of listing every individual source, you have the option to use the channel groups.

With SegMetrics, these can be used for building both reports or dashboards. 

You can compare channels in terms of revenue, touchpoint interactions, products they purchase and more. There’s no limit to where you can use them.

No changes or setup are needed in your account. They are there ready to be applied. 
For the full details on how sources are grouped into channels, check out the documentation.

Rylee Mathis

Marketer @ SegMetrics

Rylee Mathis is the Virtual Assistant to CEO of SegMetrics, Keith Perhac. She assists in the curation of DBO content and marketing as well as social media posts and partner outreach for SegMetrics.

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