SegMetrics Customer Journey

Understanding what caused a lead to purchase is one of the most important aspects of your marketing funnels.

Now, there’s an easy way to see which ads, emails or webinars brought in new leads. And which ones turned leads into customers. Introducing SegMetrics Customer Journeys.

We now automatically track your leads across every site, every email and every sales ad. Giving you a full view of your customer’s journey.

Filter and report on which of your marketing assets caused people to opt in vs purchase. See every touchpoint that a contact makes, and learn what makes you money, and what doesn’t.

Keith Perhac

Keith is the Founder of SegMetrics, and has spent the last decade working on optimizing marketing funnels and nurture campaigns.

SegMetrics was born out of a frustration with how impossibly hard it is to pull trustworthy, complete and actionable data out of his client's marketing tools.