Studiocart Meet SegMetrics: Upgrade Your Data Analysis

Kai Davis
Head of Marketing @ SegMetrics

Using Studiocart for your orders and subscriptions? Take your analytics to the next level by integrating directly with SegMetrics.

Whether you’re using Studiocart to sell courses, classes, events, retreats, services, or more, you can now connect all your StudioCart order and subscription data to the rest of your marketing funnel with SegMetrics.

  • Dive Deep into The Data: Integrate your order and subscription information with over 95 email, advertising, and marketing platforms. Delve into rich insights across your different marketing channels.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Get a complete picture of the customer journey, from initial ad click to final purchase. Uncover opportunities for hidden profits within your marketing funnel.
  • Actionable Insights: Connect each interaction — ad clicks, sales calls, email opens, and orders — to individual customer profiles. See where your best customer come from and the actions they take before they make a purchase.

Ready to upgrade your analytics?

Studiocart and SegMetrics users can get started with this powerful integration today — available on all SegMetrics plans

Kai Davis

Head of Marketing @ SegMetrics

Kai has a lifelong love of marketing and understanding what motivates customers to convert. You can find him gardening, hiking, and running SegMetrics' marketing engine.

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