“Use platforms like GA4, the Ads Manager, or platforms like SegMetrics to track and measure your marketing success.”

Liana Ling — CEO, AdSkills

Tracking on ad platforms is toast. Now you need a 3rd party solution, like SegMetrics. That’s the only way to get attribution you can trust. Especially if you’re marketing a high-ticket offer w/ a longer sales cycle.

Jim Hamilton — Author, The Copywriting Gig

Reality is a LOT messier than these seductively simple funnel diagrams! These days, we are spoiled for choice with some very cool tools doing attribution modeling. The ones I get asked about most often are Hyros, WickedReports, and SegMetrics.

Wynne Pirini — CTO, MeasureBit

SegMetrics is good.

“Start measuring your performance in a third-party tool (not the ad platform, like Google)… SegMetrics has a solid reputation.”

Kasim Aslam — CEO, Solutions_8

“I don’t care what people use, but think everyone should use something more than basic GA data.”

Barry Hott — Founder, HottGrowth

“One thing SegMetrics has which caught my attention right away is that it tells you the average time it takes for someone to buy, and it tracks their every move beforehand.”

Christian Lovrecich — Founder, Loverecich Media

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With SegMetrics we were able to reduce our cost per acquisition by over 90%

Not having the visibility in the business that we get in the day-to-day reports through SegMetrics would be pretty scary. If you don’t have daily visibility into your back-end data and you don’t have the right attribution, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

We doubled our business since last year.

Ian Chew — Founding Executive, Seminal

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So just real quick, an introduction. Keith Perhac is a developer turn marketer who works with entrepreneurs to improve their sales funnels and maximize their marketing dollars. He’s the founder of SegMetrics, which is a revenue and lead attribution tool built specifically for marketers like you. What I also want to share here is that here at AdOutreach, we use SegMetrics internally on our marketing team, and so we can absolutely vouch from a firsthand experience for the quality of their products and how Keith is really and truly an expert in the field of advertising and marketing.

Data Mania

Before SegMetrics, I was running omnichannel campaigns and I really had no idea about the direct return on investment for any one of the channels.  I was putting a lot of effort into all of them and kind of working on intuition using my best-guess of what seemed to be working well and what didn’t.

But since I got SegMetrics, it took me about 15 minutes to set it up. I could do it all by myself, and then it was very clear and easy for me to see exactly what channels were producing leads and sales for my business. It just helped me optimize my channel strategy, and get rid of entire channels that just were dying.

I needed to get accurate attribution for my Facebook ads, so I decided to try SegMetrics.  I was ready to quit because I was only using Facebook tracking, and their numbers were not matching up to reality.

I decided to go with SegMetrics because Hyros and Wicked Reports were SO expensive. Then I had a great call with Scott when I onboarded with Segmetrics. Then Ian from support blew me away with his willingness to help with whatever I needed. It was incredible.

I LOVE Segmetrics. The attribution is spot on. The way I can visually see what is working, and what isn’t is amazing. The funnels, the charts, the money tied directly to ads. My business is going to grow ten times faster with the tools and insights SegMetrics delivers. I wish I would have used them from day one, but now that I’m a client, I’m a client for life.

Attribution could be, easily, the most challenging (tedious) part of my job, but SegMetrics is making it more manageable.

The way you have helped us to keep figure which campaigns are having an impact on our revenue is something we were missing with the other tools we were using.  As a marketing person, I’m thankful.

Gustavo Paniagua — Head of Marketing, Slidebean

Noot Fertilizer

I was using Google Analytics for years and just found the reporting to be subpar. Just because something is free doesn’t make it worth the while. SegMetrics helped to associate visitors with customers, and the insights gathered made knowing where and who to target with advertising that much easier.

Donovan Glass — Director of Marketing, Noot Inc.

Before I found SegMetrics, I was having a problem getting accurate reporting and data to drive business decisions. I heard from ad managers I worked with that Segmetrics was a good tool, so I decided to give it a try.  SegMetrics is the tracking and analytics software we didn’t know we needed. It has helped us make data-driven decisions and took the guesswork out of where our opportunities for growth are. SegMetrics provides so much data (more than we thought) and it turned out it was data that we needed to make even better decisions for our consulting firm. Our favorite SegMetrics features are that we can track and see data batched by products or pages, and we can see the data from all steps in our marketing funnels.  Anyone that wants to track their ad spend and analyze their business data properly should be using SegMetrics. It’s truly one of a kind!

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For the longest time, I only had a vague idea of what was working on my site and what wasn’t. Using SegMetrics, I managed to set up a system that shows me where, when and why leads are turning into customers. Having that data available in a few clicks is incredibly useful and has allowed me to make much better decisions about what needs to get done to make an impact.