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Kai Davis
Head of Marketing @ SegMetrics

For digital agencies, marketing agencies, and ad agencies, maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand image is key. Customizing the look and feel of the tools you use with your clients to match your agency branding helps reinforce your brand identity.

  • Custom-branded reports and communications convey a professional image
  • A strong brand presence through all agency-client interactions fosters a sense of familiarity and loyalty.
  • Custom branding is a marketing tool that promotes the agency in every interaction.

SegMetrics’ Custom Agency Branding feature allows agencies — like yours — to customize the visuals and branding of SegMetrics. These customizations will be displayed throughout the app, in client registration pages, and in agency email notifications.

You can customize your:

  • Agency Name. This is the name that is displayed at the top left of your agency account and on your agency registration page.
  • Primary Color. This is the main color of your agency. This is used for the color of buttons and links on your client registration page.
  • Secondary Color will be used in the future on additional pages, like agency promotion pages.
  • Icon is the square logo for your agency. Your icon is displayed as the favicon on your client registration page and will be used in the future on the agency promotion pages.
  • Logo is a transparent PNG that is displayed at the top-left of your agency page. Your logo is also added to any emails, promotion pages, or branding pages associated with your account.
  • Cover should be a 16:9 image that will be used in the future on the agency promotion pages.

Altogether, this feature makes it easy for agencies to customize SegMetrics to match their look and feel, personalizing the experience for your clients.

Custom Agency Branding Screenshots

Agency Dashboard with Custom Logo

Customized Agency Registration Page

Agency Custom Branding Settings

Join the SegMetrics Agency Partner Program and Unlock Custom Agency Branding

Custom Branding is available as one of our many exclusive features for our SegMetrics Agency Partners. When your agency joins our partner program, you’ll get exciting benefits, including:

  • Custom agency branding
  • Unlimited logins for your team members
  • Reuseable custom dashboards with auto-updating metrics

In addition to:

  • Membership in our SegMetrics Agency Partner Directory
  • VIP support, including a private Slack channel for your agency
  • 20% revenue share on client accounts created through your referral
  • An agency onboarding call, so we can learn about your agency and show you SegMetrics
  • A complimentary 60-minute done-with-you optimization call ($500 value) for every client you bring to SegMetrics

You can create your SegMetrics Agency Account here. Or read more about our Agency Partner Program here.

Or book a demo for your agency. You’ll meet with one of the marketing optimization experts on our customer success team. We’ll ask a few questions to learn about your agency, clients, and business goals and take you on a tour of SegMetrics.

Kai Davis

Head of Marketing @ SegMetrics

Kai has a lifelong love of marketing and understanding what motivates customers to convert. You can find him gardening, hiking, and running SegMetrics' marketing engine.

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