5 Info Products General Tools for Creating an Online Informational Product Successfully

Vanessa Copley

Debuting a successful online product is all about having a plan and the right info product general tools to create success. Start small. The first thing you need to do is come up with an idea for your product. Don’t worry about how big it will be or how much money you’ll make from it—just focus on what YOU want to create.

Once you’ve got the idea for your product, it’s time to do some research! Look at other products that are similar to yours and see what makes them successful, and then use that knowledge to help guide your creation process.

Get feedback from people who know what they’re doing. You can’t just create something and throw it out into the world; you have to make sure that what you’re creating is going to be something people want before they invest in it! So talk with experts in your field and ask their opinions on your ideas. They’ll be able to tell you if what you’re planning on doing is viable or not, which will help keep things moving along smoothly when it comes time for production!

Create an outline of what needs to be done before launch day arrives (and stick with it!). When you are creating an online information product, there are some tools that you will need to use in order to make your product successful. These tools will help you create the best possible product and get it out into the world.

5 Info Products General Tools – Creating an Online Informational Product

1. Teachable

Software to create and automate an online course:  Teachable is a great tool for creating and launching an online course.

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a course outline. This can be in any format: a Word document, Google Docs, PowerPoint, etc. It should include a title, description of what the course is about, and a list of the topics you’ll cover in each module.

Next you’ll want to make sure that your content is ready to go! You can use existing materials if you have them or just write up some new documents that contain all of the information students will need to learn.

Once everything’s ready, it’s time to create your course! From any page on Teachable, click “Create New Course” and follow the steps from there. It’s easy!

When your course is created, you’ll be able to share it with friends by sending them an invitation via email or text message or market to new customers using paid ads; they’ll get an email with a link where they can join the class!

2. Leadpages

Software for creating landing or sales pages: To create a successful online informational product, you need a landing page creator like Leadpages to help you convert visitors into leads.

A lead is someone who has opted into your email list and has shown interest in what you’re offering. They are more qualified than someone who hasn’t opted in and are much more likely to buy from you. 

One great geenral tool for info products for creating an online informational product is Leadpages helps you collect leads by creating a landing page for your product, which is where people can opt in to get emails from you. The best part? You don’t have to make the page yourself! You just have to choose one of their pre-made templates, customize it with your own images and text, and then publish it on your site. 

Once it’s published, all of your traffic will be funneled through that page instead of directly to your homepage. That way all of those potential customers will see only the information relevant to them: what they want most from you—the products or services that would solve their pain point or fulfill their need!

3 Stripe or Paypal

Software for payment processing:  The best payment processor for you will depend on the type of informational product you’re selling. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need:

For physical products, including DVDs, books, or tools: PayPal is your friend. Their fees are reasonable and they offer a large user base that is ready to purchase from you.

For digital products like ebooks or courses: Stripe is a great tool for selling your online course. They’re very easy to use, have low fees, and have a large user base. Stripe is one of the most popular and widely-used options; they offer everything you need in a payment processor, including a checkout page that can be customized with your branding and colors. Stripe also has strong fraud protection policies, so you can feel confident as your business grows.

4. Mailchimp

Software for automating email marketing campaigns: If you’re looking to create a successful online informational product, we recommend using Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is a great email marketing tool for information products because it allows you to easily send out new product launches, updates, and other announcements to your customers. It also makes it easy to stay in touch with customers who’ve already purchased your product or service, so they don’t forget about you and can always get more value from their purchase.

Mailchimp’s pricing structure is also very affordable: You can get started with a free account that allows up to 2,000 subscribers, which is more than enough for most small businesses. If you need more features or higher limits on how many subscribers you can have at one time, there are paid plans available starting at $10 per month per 1,000 subscribers.

5 Facebooks Ads


Running paid ads on social media:  You may want to consider using Facebook paid ads as a great general tool for creating an online informational product and selling it. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, with over 1.86 billion users. They have a ton of data on their users and are able to target ads in ways that are very useful for businesses. They can target by location, age group, interests, gender, and more.

Facebook allows you to create ads that will only show up in certain places or on certain devices. If you want your ad to only appear on mobile phones but not desktop computers, you can set that up. You can also target people who live in specific zip codes or cities if you think those people will be more interested in your product or service than others would be.

Facebook has been instrumental in helping many businesses grow their customer bases and increase sales through paid advertising campaigns targeted at specific demographics or locations where they may have a lot of potential customers already interested in what they’re selling!

These 5 general tools for info products will help you get your product off the ground and into the hands of eager consumers.

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