Attribution specially designed for long nurture sequences

Optimize every step of your marketing funnel, offline and on, with full funnel attribution designed for creators.

ATTRIBUTing Sales, not just Leads

Leads take weeks or months to make a purchase, SegMetrics tracks your funnel no matter how long it is.

maximizing order value

Cross-sells and upsells are vital for maximizing revenue.  Uncover the best combination for each cohort. 

optimizing Nurture sequences

SegMetrics helps you optimize your nurture sequences for better ROI and more sales down the road.

personalizing each funnel

Funnels need customization for each lead type, yet other tools only show dry breakdowns such as device.

Overcome creator business challenges

Just a few of the companies improving their marketing with SegMetrics


Reveal which ads bring in the most sales, not the most leads

7 day windows are useless when you have a long nurture sequence, leaving you blind to which campaigns are actually bringing in sales.


SegMetrics attributes every sale back to the campaign, whether you are using Infusionsoft, HubSpot, HighLevel or any other CRM, even when your leads take weeks or months to make a purchase.

Joanna Weibe

SegMetrics is perfect for digital training businesses like ours. Since switching to SegMetrics, we’ve been able to rely on our dashboard in ways we just couldn’t with ‘the other guys’. As an added bonus: their webinars are better than most paid training.

— Joanna Wiebe — Founder, Copyhackers


Maximize order value with upsell and LTV tracking

Upsells, cross-sells, follow-ups…it’s all about increasing the average order value.


Maximize your LTV with our order data, showing you exactly which combination of offers works best for each cohort.


SegMetrics gives you X-Ray vision to reveal what your customers are doing, how your marketing funnel is working… and how to make it work better.

Eben Pagan — Founder, Eben Pagan Training


Optimize for revenue at every stage of your funnel

Traditional tools such as Hyros can’t help you optimize steps such as welcome sequences that affect sales further down the funnel.


Use our advanced segmentation to test how funnel variations impact your long term revenue.

Ian Chew

Not having the visibility in the business that we get in the day-to-day reports through SegMetrics would be pretty scary. If you don’t have daily visibility into your back-end data and you don’t have the right attribution, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.


We doubled our business since last year.

Ian Chew — Founding Executive, Seminal

Find your Hidden Profits in Under 5 Minutes

Finally optimize every campaign and touchpoint to maximize revenue.

Its easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are.


Fine tune your funnel based on human attributes

Stop analyzing your marketing in terms of details like device and browser, and instead break the data down by human attributes.


Collect information about your leads, such as their aims, motivation or experience level, then use that data to segment your users into performant cohorts. 

I was ready to quit because I was only using Facebook tracking, and their numbers were not matching up to reality. And then I found you guys, and I was able to change everything and turn it all around. It’s changed my business — it’s changed everything, our whole family, our life. It still doesn’t seem real.

Jason Gracia — CEO, Swyft Sites


All of your affiliate sales and commissions

Affiliate sales are the lifeblood of many creator businesses, yet get ignored by traditional marketing tools.

SegMetrics shows you exactly how many leads, sales and commissions your affiliates are bringing in, both as standalone data and as part of your marketing mix.

Thanks to SegMetrics, I can give my clients real-time understanding of their audience, and the major metrics that drive their growth. What used to take hours of merging spreadsheets is instantly available in my SegMetrics reports.

Marcus Blankenship — Executive Coach

Questions SegMetrics
Can Answer

SegMetrics is your unbiased,
holistic tool for accurate, deep attribution.

Your creator business doesn’t have to be a mystery box any longer.  Use our deep analytics to understand your customers, leads and prospects and how they behave.  Find your most profitable lead sources, scale what works and kill what doesn’t.

It’s easy to bet on the winners when you know who they are.