Success Stories

Everyone Loves Evergreen Webinars. But do they Really Convert to Sales?

Evergreen Webinars are de rigueur for product marketing — especially to cold traffic. There are a number of online tools like EverWebinar for creating set-it-and-forget-it webinars that allow you to create and monetize webinars to your heart’s content. But do they work? This is part of our on-going series with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur […]

Finding $221,075 in New Revenue For Entrepreneur on Fire

SUMMARY The Client John Lee Dumas of EOFire sold over $2,137,739 in online courses this year. He’s a great example of how being generous with free stuff can be extremely profitable, giving away a steady stream of content to bring in leads and drive sales. The problem isーhe had no idea which content impacted revenue […]

How SegMetrics Fed Dr. Axe Insights for A Healthier Product Development Roadmap

SUMMARY The Client Axe Wellness ( is one of the most successful health blogs around. They offer a ton of actionable advice. They have well-tested and high-converting lead magnets that deliver their users high-impact content on fitness, natural remedies, diet and overall health. The problem is their team had no way to measure lead value… […]

How to Build an Advertising Sales Funnel: The $200K Case Study

If you’re a longtime reader, you know the power of a good email nurture sequence and you even know how to create one using the hero’s journey to build a highly effective marketing funnel. Those articles have lots of detail about how you can take a cold lead, who hasn’t heard of you before, and […]

Infusionsoft Marketing Success: 10+ Experts Share Their Knowledge

At Segmetrics, we have over a decade of experience helping marketers improve their campaign success with Infusionsoft. In that time, we’ve found that actionable advice on key marketing metrics to be one of the most heavily requested topics by our clients, readers, and customers. If you’re looking for actionable marketing advice, then you should take notes […]

How SegMetrics can earn John Lee Dumas an extra $221,075

John Lee Dumas sold an impressive $2,137,739 in online courses in 2015. But did Infusionsoft’s lacking analytics cause EOFire to leave money on the table? In this article, we’ll show how John Lee Dumas can use SegMetrics, our analytics software for Infusionsoft, to add at least 6 figures of revenue to his business. John Lee […]