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Today, we’re going to show you how to create the perfect product to complement your main offer – a product…

How to Sell More Stuff – Eight Email Conversion Tips

We’ve arrived to the most exciting part of our discussion – how to improve your conversion rate, that is, how…

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How To Deal With Competitors In Your Space – Your Perspective Matters

Imagine that you are walking down a busy street in a big city. It’s all lined with restaurants. Every restaurant…

Are You Wearing Too Many Hats?

Think of some of the big-name online personalities you know and follow. They seem like they can do just about…

What To Get Started With Today?

Welcome to the SegMetrics Authority Interview Series! This recurring interview series invites experienced product and course creators to share their…

Does Last Touch Attribution Hold Up Today

Marketing your product to consumers is a process that goes through several steps and avenues. However, many of us will…

New Feature: Analytic Insights

They told us that being locked in the SegMetrics office toiling away at new features would be bad for moral.…

New Feature: Zapier Integration

One of the biggest feature requests we receive from customers is that they want to track their sales in SegMetrics,…

Boost Your Design Confidence! Insights For Non-Designers From Jane Portman of UI Breakfast

How confident are you with your design choices? As a non-designer, it can be positively overwhelming to make design decisions.…

The Definitive Guide to the Software & Services You Need to Start Selling Information Products – 2nd Edition

Are you looking for your perfect Tech Stack to start selling information products? Well, you have come to the right…

Introducing the SegMetrics Marketing Tool Vault

As long-time digital marketers, we've become somewhat of a sommelier of marketing tools - and we collect them with the…

How to Build an Audience Around Your Book

Did you know that The Great Gatsby was a complete flop? When F. Scott Fitzgerald died, his last royalty check…

Prevent Subscriber Burnout with our Healthy Email List Handbook

Your email list is like the goose that laid the golden egg. As the old fable goes, a lucky farmer…

Beef Up Your Email List Using Free Carrot Content

You’ve heard the story of the carrot and the stick, right? It goes something like this: A boy hitches up…