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Save 30% on SegMetrics this BFCM — And Claim $775 in Bonuses

Black Friday is gearing up — it’s less than a week away and it can either be the biggest headache…

Announcing ‘Share Connection Requests’

Maybe you’ve run into this particular challenge before. You’re an agency or a consultant working with different clients You’re setting…

Why We’re Betting on Spiffy to Solve Your Checkout Woes

We’re always on the hunt for tools that make your life easier, especially when it comes to solving those pesky…

Spiffy X SegMetrics — Data Beats Opinion

Michael Hunter is the co-founder of Spiffy Checkouts, a best-in-class checkout solution for online businesses. With over a billion data…

What’s New with SegMetrics? (September Edition)

Fall is in full swing here in the PNW—rainy days are back, and leaves are turning vibrant colors. With under…

Introducing Audit Trail

Have you ever found yourself puzzled by unexpected changes to your SegMetrics dashboards, widgets, or reports? We've all been there.…

Welcome to the SegMetrics Summer Sale (Get up to 4 months free)

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Introducing the Clarity Analytics Engine

We’re excited to announce the private release of SegMetrics' new analytics engine, Clarity, based on Hammerstone’s Refine builder. The SegMetrics…

Where Most People Go Wrong When Split Testing

There’s a lot of information out there about split testing; after all, if there’s one thing marketers like to do,…

17 Tips for Improving Your Shopify Product Pages and Getting More Purchases

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to creating an online store. You need to…

Looking past the purchase: how to test the best ways for increasing customer value

It’s a simple calculation really, number of customers × spend per customer = revenue Yet it can still lead us…

Thomas Smale
Turning a college hustle into a successful business – with Thomas Smale

This week, Keith sat down with Thomas Smale, the CEO and founder of FE International, a top-ranked global M&A advisor of SaaS,…

Offline Conversions
How to Cut Your CPA by 24% Using Advanced AI Training

Increasing traffic is no longer enough It’s the core challenge of every digital marketer; more sales for less money. There…

5 Advanced Ways to Maximize your RoAS

Once you have followed the generic advice around match types and automated bidding, it's easy to feel lost about how…